Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm not sure how it magically appeared on the couch - I swear I looked there more than once - but I found the Barbara Walker Treasury which went missing the other day. This is what I accomplished in about 2 hours:

If I'm estimating correctly, one skein will make about 52" of edging. The shawl itself is still with Tammy having its last wingtip attached, but it sticks in my mind that I was going to need about 16' of edging to go all the way around. Translation: I'm going to need at least one more skein of the yellow wool. Good thing Jody is reserving the rest of that 10-pack for me, just in case! But the especially cool thing about the whole edging situation is that I received an e-mail back from Meg Swanson (yes, the Meg Swanson) this morning, granting me permission to post the stitch pattern of that edge lace for the benefit of anyone wanting to try this project at home. I can't believe she responded, and it is so great that they're feeling generous with their stitch patterns! Now I'll be able to post the entire set of instructions for the tree of life shawl here, once I assemble them from the various posts.

Also, some of you may have noted from my KnitTalk group posting that my friend Peg gave me
a book of doily patterns. (Imaging what a gorgeous baby blanket these would make, if you blew them up on heavy yarn and larger needles and maybe added a few repeats! Margaret sent me this link as an example: The book has no copyright and according to the pencil note on the front it dates back to about 1955 - so I think I'm okay to share the patterns freely if I can figure out how. I made a .pdf scan of the first pattern, "Laurel," but blogger won't let me post a .pdf the way you would a photo and I'm not sure how else to do it. I also checked Ravelry, but apparently I'll need to do a lot more research before I can figure out how to post it there. So if anyone (up to 5 people) would like to contact me, I'll e-mail you the .pdf. All I ask is that you post it online someplace where those with internet access but less than complete web-building skills can freely access it. And/or post it to Ravelry. And/or explain how I can post these directly to my blog. Fair enough?

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