Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Does Anyone Else Find This Disturbing?

Squirrel foot earrings. I mean, ew. And why? And wouldn't the little toenails get caught in your hair and feel creepy against your neck?


rochard said...

Those earrings are incredibly creepy. Ewww.

The blue wrap, however, is fabulous. So nice and big, too.


Katey said...

Please tell me that these aren't the latest incarnation of Dan's squirrel hat....please?

Jami said...

No! :D :D They were posted to Craftzine.com as a creative use of taxidermy. (again, yuck.)

Anonymous said...

I can tell you what is more disgusting. There is a lady in my son's former boy scout troop that would absolutely love those earrings. Heck, she could probably trap and skin her own squirrel just to make them. Be well.
Liberty, MO