Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Story In Pictures

This weekend I finally finished this:

(Modeled by my friend Paige.)

And then I went over to Studio 55 and took this:

The first of the "Glamour Shots." (There are more with pink boas and such, but I like this one.)
Then the puppy, who is growing quickly, decided that she absolutely must play with my knitting. Lives were in danger, and several tragedies were narrowly averted.
But then on Monday it started doing this:

And by the time I got out of work, cars were skidding all over everywhere. I went to pick up Tasha from school because she had a flat tire, but I wouldn't have wanted her to drive that rollerskate Celica in that weather anyway.
And this morning, we have this:

Actual snow on the ground. And everywhere I go, people are remembering that black ice is a bad thing and saying things like, "Well, Winter is finally here."

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