Wednesday, January 14, 2009

At Least Someone Is Enjoying It

That little retirement spot in the Ozarks is looking better and better these days. It was 14° below zero when I let the puppy out this morning, although we've at least moved into the positive numbers now that the sun is up. I was worried about the chickens with their single heating bulb, but the girls looked fine this morning and even provided me with 3 (unfrozen) eggs. And my morning fight with Tasha consisted of her plans to go sliding with her friends after school, and my assertion that it was too dangerously cold to do so. (I think I won. I'll know for sure later, I guess.)

I'm making the puppy wear a sweater outside, since she still has a shaved belly from her spay two weeks ago. She thinks it's a bit ridiculous that she's not being allowed to chew on this thing which clearly must be a toy; but once she gets outside, she's so delighted to run circles around me on the long leash and just generally act silly, the sweater becomes inconsequential to her.

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