Monday, January 12, 2009

Dreaming of Rome

It's all boss-lady's fault. First she introduced me to this online service that sends you regular e-mails with all the most fabulous last-minute travel deals in town. Then she points out one in particular - a week-long trip Rome, including plane fare and hotel, for a really ridiculous rate. So ridiculous, in fact, that the pay-out of my vacation time would probably cover it. Hmmm.

I introduced the idea to Rick, with a reminder about our long-neglected plans to see the wonders of the world. We could add the Colosseum! He thought it was an interesting thought, and even pointed out that Pisa and Pompeii would be reasonable day-trips from a base in Rome.

Then I read Crazy Aunt Purl's account of a February visit to Rome, which did nothing to discourage me. So I think I have come to two conclusions: (1) if one of the jobs I have applied for pans out, in a fiscally reasonable way, with at least an equivalent allowance of sick/vacation time, a trip to Rome might be something to consider; and (2) if such a trip does materialize, then I really need a new purse. Because clearly, unless I lose an unrealistic amount of weight and really make an improvement in the level of fabulousness in my wardrobe, I'm going to be the chubby American in the crowd of beautiful people. The least I can do is have a chic bag. (And I happened to notice on Sunday that the twin of my current bag was hooked around the walker of someone's visiting great-grandmother, who - although she was probably a lovely human being - was definitely not chic.)

So, I'm thinking a felted wool bag, shaped like an a-frame envelope. Kind of like the one at left, but taller. I have that fabulous blue super-bulky wool from a booth at the Common Ground Fair, and could pair it with a fun sock yarn for a little extra wearability. I could have Annie, the lady who did the finish work on RaeAnn's stole, line it with the scraps of painted silk left over from the stole. And maybe even add a zippered interior pocket for a passport and such. And Cheryl, the dog trainer, has a friend who modifies leashes for her and "does leather." I'm wondering if the friend could add a funky strap in blue leather, maybe with a discrete cell phone pocket at one end. And how cool would it be if I could find a source for book corners like the ones shown at right to use as a reinforcement at the point of the envelope flap?

Yep; you really just can't take a trip like that without the right bag. I'd better start on the bag right away, just in case. Oh, and maybe apply for a passport.

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