Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saffron and Plum and Turquoise

I love the way the saffron scarf came out. I mixed a little salmon in, so it has wonderfully subtle variations in color, and will be just the thing after the dye is set and rinsed and the whole thing washed. But for now it is crusty with dye and needs to set for a couple of days before I can try it out, so all I can do is look.

I also pulled out a silk blank with a burned-out velvet floral design and started playing with it. I'd seen one online where the individual flowers had been painted different colors, and it was so pretty that I wanted to try it. But I'm starting to suspect the artist who did that other design was using a different technique, because when I started to flow the colors onto the velvet they kept on flowing. My salmon and fuchsia flower colors blended with the emerald and kelly green leaves, making unexpected (and not particularly attractive) splotches of muddy brown. I overdyed it with a light lavender, which helped bring all the different colors to a closer tone but still wasn't what I was looking for. Then I dyed the fringe plum - and decided I liked that enough that I added a lighter plum overlay to the whole thing. And instead of laying it flat to dry, I've got it wadded and rippled, so as to make striations in the plumb color. We'll see what we get this time.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on craft project ideas to take to the Women's Wild Winter Weekend retreat at the end of February. I have the silhouette of this year's logo and am going to experiment with making pins similar to the one I made for the purse last year. I need it to be a fairly simple, fast (45 minutes or less) activity for about 45 women, so instead of using the sides of milk jugs I'm trying to use a thin craft foam from Hobby Lobby as a backing. I'll give it a shot over the weekend. And I'm also experimenting with a very simple silk painting project on a 10" hankie, with the weekend's logo stenciled over it in fabric pen. We'll see how it turns out, and whether it's viable as a group thing.

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