Friday, May 16, 2008

Keeping out of trouble

I had a church council meeting on Tuesday, at which I knew the community garden would come up. The last time we put those two topics together, my knitting was the only thing which prevented attempted reverend-cide. But the collateral damage of that earlier meeting was a woefully screwed up piece of orchid lace, which ended up being ripped back almost to where I was at the beginning of the night. This time around, it was clear to me that (a) I needed to have knitting with me, for the safety of all in attendance, and (b) it had better be something simple, just enough to occupy my hands and encourage any stray theta brain waves to keep coming.

The meeting actually wasn't that bad this time around - no raised voices, no homicidal urges, and we may have actually got something done. I know I did; I got one water bottle cover up to the point where I realized I'd forgotten to bring cotton for the top, then strung the loops on spare yarn and got a good way into a second one. I finished them both last night, except for weaving in ends and felting: My plan is to offer these water bottle covers at the farmer's market (which I am now officially committed to), so I'd like to get at least a dozen or so ready before the end of June. That sounds like a generous deadline, but there are other things in the pipeline as well. Just the same, I'm glad to have an item which is relatively fast and easy, uses mostly left-overs, and only takes as much concentration as I feel like sparing from other distractions. Next, I think I want to make one with a green bottom, a blue section with a colorwork kite (and embroidered kite string), and the white/rainbow cotton at the top. I have some bits of leftover Italian wool tape yarn - you'd recognize the name if I could think of it - which will look great as a kite tail. And then I'll do one out of that Bernat Felting, just because I love the "un-winter" colors and want to play with it.
But seriously, my main commitment remains the anniversary shawl. I hope to finish one wingtip this weekend. And we're doing a road-trip to the in laws in Missouri over the long weekend, so during the car ride I have every hope of finishing another wingtip and maybe a good long section of edging lace. I'll have to make sure I take good measurements before I leave - even though the whole thing will have a good bath when finished, there's no way I'm exposing the main section of the shawl to the dusty Missouri gravel roads and my mother-in-laws cats! (I say that in love, of course.)

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