Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Accidents

Back when I was in training at Keesler Air Force Base (long, long ago in a land far away), something rather unexpected happened. I was NOT dieting or even watching what I ate, which was often pizza and beer or other junk food. But I was doing PT 3 times a week - just a few calisthenics and a 2 mile run - and more importantly, I was marching to class to the tune of 2 miles a day, and dancing all night at the Airman's Club. And I just sort of accidentally lost a lot of weight and got very fit and even managed a tan. It was the only time in my life when I actually liked my body, and it happened completely without any special sacrifices or personal commitments. Then of course I graduated and went on to my permanent assignment, which did not include marching 10 miles a week, PT, or an Airman's Club (although I did manage to keep up on the pizza and beer). And that was that.

I've thought a lot about that one summer of the size 5 bikini, and tried to figure out how to duplicate the results in some sort of civilian (and civil) fashion, which is part of the reason I've been walking in the morning over the last two weeks. I'm past the part where the morning walk is a refreshing slice of life, although it still has its charms. Late last week I spotted the first wild rose of the season down by the train tracks, and yesterday I spooked a young doe who was up past her bedtime. But I hope I'm establishing a routine that will just become part of my day, like those marches to class in Mississippi. I'm trying to exercise accidentally, as part of my normal day, rather than in purposeful dedicated time that I may be tempted to skip once I start feeling lazy. So far, I've walked a total of 16 miles in the last two weeks. And I bought myself one of those exercise balls, because I'm hearing that just the simple act of sitting on them (instead of the couch) exercises a lot of those little "balance" muscles, and I like the idea of exercising while I knit or read e-mail or whatever. And I bought myself some of those weighted gloves that add 1 pound to each hand and wore them during my walk this morning. (Can't hurt, might help.) And I'm two weeks into the Thursday night yoga class they're holding at church. And there's all that lifting and running around I do as part of the farmer's market set-up and tear-down.
So, I am not doing an exercise program, just like I am not on a diet. I am simply making minor adjustments to my daily routine.

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Christylea said...

I applaud your efforts. You're right... 1 lb. weights can't hurt. I wish I had enough motivation to get up and walk before work, especially since I don't usually have to be there until 9:00! Chad & I did a 2 mile loop the other day which we could manage each morning if we tried.
Keep it up, and remember... love yourself no matter what!