Friday, June 20, 2008

Second Wingtip Finished!!!

I finally finished the last bit of the last section of the Tree of Life shawl which required orchid lace. Now all I have to do is a couple little strips of edging lace for the leading and trailing edges, and it's done! Done! DONE! This project has been a regular quest, and by far the largest and most complex bit of knitting I've ever done. Tammy's already got the first wingtip seamed onto the main shawl, and it looks wonderful. I can't wait to set the whole thing up, photograph it, and get it on it's way to its new home. Ta DA!
Next challenge: finding my Barbara Walker Volume 2, so I can get the pattern for that leaf lace edging. I had the book sitting next to the computer for a few weeks as inspiration, but now I can't find it anywhere. It's got to be in either the dining room, living room or my bedroom, and two out of three of those rooms are going to have a major cleaning experience this weekend in preparation for Luc's graduation party next weekend. Also, Rick and I finally went out and bought a cheap bookshelf at Wally World to hold my knitting books and patterns until he has a chance to finish the really nice one languishing in his workshop. I'll be putting el cheepo together and organizing my patterns on it this weekend, so chances are pretty good that I'll come across what I'm looking for one way or another. Still - big, pretty, bright red, very important book: missing. It's very frustrating.
And lastly, things I learned on my morning walk today:
(a) I'm not sure if it was because of today being Friday, or because I happened to be walking about 20 minutes earlier than usual, but I didn't have to share the road with dump trucks full of gravel whizzing by today. I'm guessing it has something to do with the hours kept by the gravel pit a few miles west of my house. I thought for a split second about getting up earlier on a more regular basis to explore this - - and then that mood passed.
(b) Don't talk to the creepy guy in the long beard, plaid shirt, cutoffs and work boots who apparently lives at the farm east of my turn-around point. I met him coming down his driveway this morning and said something cheerful about his cows not being out today. Before I knew it, he was following me along the edge of his yard trying to keep the conversation going. And when I came back that way on my return leg, he was coming around the corner towards me, trying to strike up another conversation with comments on walking and the location of the cows and where was I coming from anyway? (I just said, "over that way" and waved vaguely East.)

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