Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A dog! A dog! A dog!

It's been over a year since we laid Mindy to rest, and every time I take a walk by myself, or every time a reddish blond dog (or any other variety) passes by me at market, or every time I hear about puppies being available, I think of her and wish for another dog. But, I work full time and couldn't give a puppy the training it would need. And the carpet (and Rick) are still recovering from when Mindy lost her sense of discretion in her last few months. And it wouldn't be fair to stress out the cats with a dog who might not get along with them. And a whole lot of other good, logical reasons.
So, meet Nora:

She's a 3 year old spayed blue heeler / beagle mix whose owner suffered brain damage in a motorcycle accident and can't care for her any more. She's got a blue heeler's philosophy about only warming up to her "own" people and being a little protective of them; but she's not desperate for a job like most working breeds, and is happy to be a couch potato after her morning walk. And she loves, absolutely adores cats.
She's coming to meet us and check out our home on Sunday afternoon. I can't wait!!

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Anonymous said...

I had a dog who just recently passed away, looked just like her..best dog i ever had. Will never find one better. Best of luck to you!