Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, That Was Exciting

The forecast yesterday (and today, and tomorrow, and Saturday) was for afternoon thunderstorms. So we weren't to surprised when it got grey and cloudy early on Wednesday afternoon. Then it got dim. Then it got DARK. Then the wind kicked up, with chairs from the restaurant patio skidding across the parking lot and into the pond. And the light post was bending so far in the wind that we were taking bets on whether it would hit a car.

The word came through that we should take cover. I guess they put everyone at the courthouse down in the bomb shelter, and Sargento and a few other businesses evacuated their employees into the basement. Luc says they tried to clear out Wal-Mart, but some of the customers wouldn't leave. We mostly just stood around and watched the storm through the big picture window in our reception area, since our little office building has no basement and there were too many of us to fit into the bathroom (the only room without windows). And it was clearly not safe to go outside for any reason or to drive anywhere. It was actually very cool, in an "end of the world" kind of way.

I got all the computers and phones unplugged just before we lost power. We were trying to get some news, so I called the local radio station - and ended up giving them an interview of what the conditions were near me. But here's the report from later on:
The wind and rain were so heavy that we had a waterfall coming in over the top of our back door, so once things calmed down again I spent 45 minutes on mop duty. (Good thing I happened to be wearing platform sandals and officewear which was relatively flexible to move in.) But in the end, we don't seem to have any damage at work or at home. The chickens were left out for the day as usual, and were looking a little freaked out when I got home. But all is well.
By the way, I confirmed when I sat down this morning that the sunroof in Tasha's car leaks. Ugh - wet rayon on my butt. Still, I suppose a storm like that is a pretty good excuse. I mean, if our whole building leaked, an old Celica ought to be excused for a little indiscretion.
Disclaimer: Usually I use my own photography, but I can't lay claim to the shots in this post. I don't want my camera (or my body) out in that kind of weather!

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