Monday, December 15, 2008

So close, and yet . . .

I picked up the stole from my friend's house on Monday evening. Actually, she dropped it off at my office Monday afternoon, at which point we noticed that unevenly sewn layers were making it ripple funny in the back. She took it home for rework, and then I picked it up. Now I notice it's still uneven, and there's a funny dip along one edge, and the fabric is pulling out in a spot just past the shoulder. I guess I didn't realize how slippery the silk was and how tricky it would be to sew. Bottom line: I'm going to take it to a professional to see if they can rework it. But there's no way it will be done in time.

Oh, and those pieces left over from my friend's grandmother's jewelery? They're not where I left them. Memories are foggy, but it seems likely that someone threw them into my jewelry work basket during a cleaning frenzy. Little bitty pieces of metal. In my work basket. Which, of course, has holes.

NOTE: Luc, amazingly, found the earring pieces. And Elizabeth says she can get me a referral to a seamstress, so I'm starting to wonder if a Christmas delivery might still be possible. But so long as I have a few extra days, I think I want to redo the silver fish-net on larger knitting needles.

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