Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Beauty of the Season

Rick is on his way to Minnesota to retrieve the other Grand Am, so he and Luc can try to get a new set of wheels going for Luc. I was driving Tasha to her early class this morning, when white smoke started pouring out of my tailpipe and hood scoop. I called Rick, who remotely diagnosed a coolant leak. (House has got nothing on him.) Watching the heat gauge, I headed back home, picked up Luc, and headed to the gas station. Popped the hood, and sure enough the coolant reservoir was empty. At Rick's advice, we filled it up and then watched under the car.

Drip, drip, drip.

Luc has got to get to (1) morning high school classes; (2) afternoon college class; and (3) work - also, I have to get home from work and Tasha has to be picked up from play practice. So the strategy we've worked out is that most of a can of coolant is in the back of the car. Luc or I will check the reservoir every time the car gets started up, and we will fill it if it is below half - full. And obviously, we will watch the gauge like a hawk and only make those few necessary trips before parking the car at home. Rick will be back from Minnesota late tonight or early tomorrow, so we will have more options by then on how to get people where they need to go while he replaces whatever plastic part cracked in the cold weather.

But the green antifreeze puddle does look pretty against the snow.

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