Monday, February 18, 2008

I Appreciate You, Honey

I have a basic understanding of welding and the effort that goes into transforming a wreck to a restored automotive work of art. I just don't find the individual steps of the process fascinating - and the garage workshop is usually too cold and too dusty for me to be comfortable spending a lot of time in it. But Rick is feeling very inspired about getting a VW Beetle on the road for me by Summer, and the rag-top sunroof has been a major component of that effort. He was actually bouncing with frustration yesterday when out of politeness he spent his afternoon on a different project.

So, since he wants some recognition and appreciation, here are pictures of progress to date. You'll notice he's welded a new tail section onto the body. The big square thing is the sunroof section, and he had to open up a bunch of little compartments all around the inside edge, replace hardware and repair sections of rusted metal, and then close them up again. And those rusted bars on the table are actually the struts for the sunroof - lots of work to do there before they are functional again.

Impressive, isn't he? (Timothy the shop rabbit thinks so.)

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