Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Duke's Demise

First of all, Luc is fine. We had some weather yesterday (surprise!) and his car door was frozen shut, so by the time he got it open he was running late for school. He called me a few minutes later to say that he'd wrecked his car, but he "was only going about 40" on this ice-covered turn. He skidded out of control, spun, and then hit a semi truck on the driver's side right behind the door.

Duke is totalled, obviously. The truck, on the other hand, has a cracked battery box and a slightly bent conduit of some sort on the undercarriage. State Farm says if the total damage to the truck is less than $750, it won't affect our rates. I've got my fingers crossed.

To be fair, at least 4 other cars skidded into the ditch while we were getting Luc's paperwork from the cops and waiting for the tow truck. There was no safe speed on this road - the cop almost fell down just trying to walk between his car and mine.
But Duke is dead, and now we have to figure out how Luc is going to get between high school and his college class - not to mention his job. Anybody got a cheap car for sale?

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