Sunday, February 17, 2008

Church Services and Choir Practice Cancelled Due To Weather

What's a girl to do?

The blue sweater was my first attempt at f. Pea's organic cotton baby sweater - in some decidedly non-organic acrylic stuff donated from a friend's stash. The yarn is not much fun to work with, from a textural point of view, but I wanted to try the pattern out on something more or less disposable before I really invested in it. And I'm usually not much for those patterns which call for picking up stitches all along a long edge for a buttonband or whatever. But this turned out pretty well, and now that I've done the buttonband once I'm feeling a little more confident. (Theoretically it is not done, since the ends need to be woven in and the button loop & button sewn on. But it's already migrated to my "done but homeless" pile, so those things probably won't happen until just before the bazaar next fall.) Meanwhile, I'm starting one in a size appropriate for the World's Cutest Baby (in case I should happen to run into him in a few weeks) out of Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Key Lime Pie 02713 - I think, since I lost the ball band already. I'm leaving out the shoulder ridges and color changes, which simplifies the process and lets the yarn's color variations steal the show without competition. I'll just have to keep my eye out for the right button(s).

The yellow & coral thing is the baby blanket in process for my very fruitful cousin, Julie. (Her son was born almost 4 years ago on April 6. Her daughter was born last year on April 6. She's due again in the first week of April. We counted it back while we were teasing her, and aparently Independence Day is celebrated enthusiastically in their household.) Anyway, I'd promised her another blanket for the new baby, and she specifically requested something very soft and fluffy in "bright, bright yellow and coral." I'm about 1/2 done with it, and all I can think of when I look at it is "mango and papaya salad." It's awfully bright. I find myself a little overwhelmed by the color, and keep wandering away from it in favor of something more fun - say, a little green sweater.

Tomorrow: a bunch of "in progress" photos of VW parts, in appreciation for the enormous amount of work Rick has undertaken so that I could drive a VW this summer. I think it's like me making a sweater - sure, it's an act of love, but there's no way in hell I'd do it if I didn't also really enjoy the process.

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